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ROK, Japan to hold working-level diplomatic talks

ROK and Japan will hold working-level diplomatic talks in Seoul Wednesday amid the ongoing friction over trade and historical issues.

October 15, 2019

Indonesia shuts some schools as haze again clouds the skies

A total of 1,547 hot spots, which indicate fires or heightened risk of fire, were detected in six provinces, Indonesia's weather agency said.

October 15, 2019

US piles up pressure on Turkey over offensive in Syria

Trump said in a statement that the US will immediately stop negotiations for a US$100b trade deal with Turkey and raise the steel tariffs back up to 50%.

October 15, 2019

Pakistan faces black list of countries financing terrorism

Being blacklisted would be a serious blow for Pakistan's PM Imran Khan​ as he tries to boost its faltering economy and attract foreign investment and loans.

October 15, 2019